What You Need To Know About Walker Louisiana

Home to more than six thousand residents, the city of Walker is located in Livingstone Parish, Louisiana. The area brings together the calm, historic charm and appeal of a small town and the modern conveniences of larger cities.

Whether you are looking to make a visit or are thinking about moving to this part of the country, you will definitely be interested in knowing more about your destination. Read on below to find out more about Walker, LA; including more about the local economy, attractions and location.

Without making you wait any longer, here, is a short description of everything you need to know about Walker, Louisiana.

Location And Demographics

This small and calm city lies between the Louisiana capital, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge, in the southern part of the state. Travelers using Interstate 12 should get off on Exit 15 to get to the city.

Walker was declared a city recently; in the year 2011 by declaration of the Louisiana governor. Most of the city’s population is made up of white and African American residents, with Asians and other races making up the remaining portion.

Walker Economy

It’s important to consider the economic performance of a given location before making a switch. This is especially important considering the fact that it determines the availability of employment opportunities as well as its ability to generate enough tax revenue to further local/city development projects.

The city of Walker has a general unemployment rate below five percent as per the overall figures associated with the greater Livingstone Parish. The annual median income for each household in the area is estimated to be just past sixty thousand dollars. Home values are estimated to be a little over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

These figures should give you a clear idea of the area’s economic health and status.

Things To Do In Walker, LA

At this point it’s important to mention that Walker is also referred to as the “Pine Tree Capital of the World”, albeit unofficially. This demonstrates the huge significance of area’s generous offering of lush green outdoor spaces. As such, one of the main things to do in the city involves exploring the many parks located here. Holiday communes are a local specialty.

If you feel like you have had enough of the city’s parks, consider sifting through some incredible collectables at one of the many antique stores around the city; where great deals are the norm.

Other notable attractions include the Community Art Gallery and Walker Museum and a wide range of eateries.

The above information gives you a clear idea of everything you need to know about this part of the country.